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I had heard a lot about timberline but let me tell you the experience was outstanding. I have never know a group of individuals to go so far out of there way in order to insure the customer was taken care of. after I purchased my new truck I returned home to Blackfoot the next day my brakes locked up. I called and spoke with Kendrick he tried to work things out to get a trailer or to come drop off a vehicle for me to use wile they towed mine to get it repaired. Kendrick was the first stop for me and he defiantly went above my expectations. I know just about everyone at timberline was involved at one point or another in helping me out and bye far to many to thank but they all deserve a huge thank you and more. they called me and set up for my truck to go to a shop I choose. it turned out that someone had put engine oil in my brake fluid reservoir. timberline went the extra mile all new brakes, rotors, calipers, new reservoir all to insure the problem was fixed and would not continue. I am going to think of a way to repay the help and kindness that was shown to myself and my family thank you all so much.

Daniel Orders
Aug 28th, 2019
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